Building a hackintosh All in One with Mountain Lion

Apple don’t (yet) make an iMac that I want to buy, nor do they seem interested in doing so. Previously there were several reasons, but to date the only thing left is the ability to use the iMac as a display for my games console or any other HDMI device I wish to use it with.

Earlier ones had target display, but this was only available on the 27″ model ,which is far too big for me, and the only way to use HDMI on it was via an adaptor that would only support 720p and was reported to be not that reliable anyway.

The fun finally started when barebone AIO chassis started to appear with the Thin Mini-ITX standard, meaning you could build yourself a decent AIO and upgrade later also. Then came the Ivy Bridge processors with built-in graphics that I would consider just about good enough to use.

Moving away from my self built windows PC, which was a Core 2 Quad and Radeon 4830, which I was happy with performance wise, I set out to build an AIO hackintosh, as closely powerful as I could make it. The result so far:

  • Quad Core i5 3475S Ivy Bridge CPU (HD 4000)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • AIO Chassis with H61 chipset motherboard including HDMI Input
  • OS X Mountain Lion 10.8
  • Broadcom 4322AG a/b/g/n half size Wi-Fi

The target is, to use the software with no changes to the OS. Additional Kexts to make it work are acceptable.