Apple don’t make an iMac that I want to buy, not yet anyway, and it doesn’t look like they intend to. The reason is simply that I use my main display for all my devices, be it PC, XBOX 360, or PS2 and my retro computers using a SCART to HDMI upscaler. This means I absolutely need HDMI input, or a means to the same end.

I’ve played around with hackintosh before, but I never seemed to end up with a good reliable combo of motherboard and graphics card. When the Ivy bridge processors came out, and with the decent amount of All in One computers now around, I figured i’d have a go at building my own iHac, who knows, it might even take off?

At the time of writing, I have two machines under test. i’ll add to the table if/when anything changes.

1: MiTAC M650 AIO 2: ECS G11 w/H61H2-TI
HD 4000 GFX red green
 Sound green green
 HDMI In green  yellow*
 Ethernet green green
 Wi-Fi green green

*on the G11, HDMI-In sound only gets routed through the internal speakers regardless of anything plugged into either headphone socket. Since Intel’s Thin Mini-ITX specification doesn’t allow for volume control on the chassis, this both sounds bad due to the poor speakers, and is also way too loud 100% of the time.


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