Testing a new iHac contender

Having got a bit fed up with the other AIO unit not working how I wanted, when an opportunity to replace my other desktop with an ex-display ECS G11 came up, I quickly took it.

The G11 follows the Thin Mini-ITX spec exactly, unlike the M650 which deviates in order to provide better usability.

The motherboard I chose was ECS’ own H61H2-TI, as its the only one with HDMI input, and it all looked good. having been well practiced in getting Mountain Lion running on these, I was quickly able to “establish battlefield control”.

in short, the good news is: from the iHac side, it all seems to work. HD 4000 runs with full acceleration, sound works with Voodoo HDA, Ethernet is the same as the other one and runs great with the realtek drivers, and Wi-Fi is also running well. so all is good then? Well, if you are looking for a cheap iMac replacement, then yes, yes it is. Sadly, as of yet, it doesn’t yet meet the bar for me. You see, once I got it all running, the shortcomings of Intel’s reference design became clear.

When in HDMI input mode, all sound is routed at maximum volume through the internal speakers of the chassis. plugging speakers or headphones in either of the 3.5mm outputs makes no difference in this mode. If you just want to watch TV on it through a set-top tuner that has its own volume, then again, this may suit you. but if you plug an XBOX 360 in there, you are treated to a loud and horrid torrent of ear abuse that refuses to be contained.

My next step with this is to try and somehow hardwire internal stereo speaker header to the HD_AUDIO header, to force the sound out of the speakers, then I can start using it.

Obviously, this was discovered as a problem by MiTAC on the M650 unit, as that has a separate ARM board on it that provides proper sound routing and volume control when HDMI-In is being used. If only I could solve that bloody display pipe problem!


5 comments on “Testing a new iHac contender

  1. well, I’m using iAtkos ml2 for the install. The touchscreen will function for clicking and right clicking with two fingers but it doesn’t move

    • hmm so far all I get with mine is one of them (the mitac) just shoots to the top right when you touch the screen, the Lenovo ideacentre B540 (only just had a quick look at this one) constantly pushes the pointer to the top right.

      looks like you’ve had more success than me! I will admit, I’ve not really bother to look much into the touchscreen. i’ll probably disable the Lenovo one for now.

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